What Is ZigSig

ZigSig is a nationwide notary database and smarter scheduling platform for signing services and title companies.

We built a notary platform for escrow officers and lenders.

ZigSig lets signing service schedulers, escrow officers, title company schedulers, lenders and loan officers take control of the outside signing process, schedule signings with one click, and fully manage signings.

Now you can automate your notary scheduling using secure communication, 2 factor authentication, secure file transfer, SMS Appointment scheduling, Constant updates, customer feedback and more!

Notary closing

Problems & Solutions

Signing Services and Escrow Officers have unique requirements that demand custom solutions.
ZigSig streamlines the process like never before.


The mortgage industry is changing. Mobile notary signing services, title companies, and lenders need to stay ahead of the curve. Reliable notaries are a crucial tool but choosing the wrong notary can kill a deal and lose a client. Additionally, costs are always under scrutiny. ZigSig changes all that!



ZigSig was created to change the game on signings. We took all of the tools and experience from performing over 200,000 loan signings and created an all-in-one notary platform that allows signing services and escrow officers to take back control of their signings.

ZigSig Signing App

Mobile App

The ZigSig App helps keeps you connected whether you are out in the field meeting with a client or at home after hours.

Android & ios app

Having up-to-the-minute updates is critical in loan closings. Signing Services and Escrow Officers can use the ZigSig Notary Signing Mobile App to schedule requests, Check status, award signings and keep the consumer better informed.

  • Clients Request Signings
  • Award Signings To Notaries
  • Check Status Instantly
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Have Questions? Were happy to help!

ZigSig uses a combined geo matrix and customer feedback scoring algorithm to locate the best notary for every loan signing appointment. The system is constantly learning from data to locate mobile notaries.
ZigSig is a notary scheduling platform that connects title companies (escrow officers), lenders (loan officers), Realtors and other agents to notaries. We use state of the art technology to take the redundant tasks out of the notary scheduling process.
ZigSig has notary’s and attorneys nationwide in the US. We maintain over 50,000 notary signing agents.
Our clients are saving 40% on average per signing compared to their old way of hiring notaries. The ZigSig Platform offers a few tiers of service from a self-service method of the notary fee plus just $10 per signing all the way up to full signing oversight where ZigSig takes care of all oversight including scheduling, assisted management and payment. All for a price cheaper than you have paid in the past. This flexible model allows allows us to be able to help every type of customer.
Yes! All the notaries on the ZigSig system have submitted documentation including their NNA or Sterling background checks. The ZigZig platform keeps all of the notaries compliance forms like their Commission, Bond, E&O, W-9 and background check.
Our clients LOVE the platform! Scheduling a new signing takes less than a minute. After gathering the appointment details, press "start" to automate your notary search and clients often have a notary assigned in less than 45 seconds. Next, upload docs for the notary and then sit back and relax (or move on to the million other things you have to do). The notary receives his/her confirmation and gets to work. ZigSig tracks the signing progress at every step. You're always fully in the loop and totally in control.
We love keeping signing agents busy! We suggest a few simple things to help you get more signings.
1) Make sure you profile is complete, fully compliant and up to date.
2) Respond to all offers (your listing score increases with each response)
3) Wow the customers.
Each client decides the signing fee for their signings. You can accept or counteroffer every signing that is offered to you.
No, There is no fee to be listed as a notary. We charge a small fee to the hiring party per signing for use of the platform.
The hiring party is responsible to pay you directly for signings. Questions about payments should be directed to the hiring party. Some clients use ZigSig E-Pay which allows them to issue e-checks by email or ACH payments directly to your bank. ZigSig is a scheduling platform and is not the hiring party.
Our system is protected using the latest SSL and TLS encryption technology on a separate dedicated server with 99.9% uptime. Additionally, accounts are setup to allow use of 2-Factor-Authentication for secure login along with other security protocols.
We track all of the industry standards for notary signing agents including commission, bond, E&O and background checks which are available for clients as needed.


Have questions? We’re happy to help!

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